Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Buy and Sell Advertising Space on Packaging

Make Money Selling Advertising Space on Your Product Packaging

Packaging is big business and the commercial market for product packaging is growing at an unprecedented rate. The need for greater efficiency, lighter packaging and faster delivery means there is pressure on manufacturers in all industries to smarten the way they deliver their goods to wholesalers and end users alike.

Packaging is a cost center and as such manufacturers are constantly seeking out new methodologies and technologies to improve product delivery, lifespan and user experience whilst at the same time reducing costs per unit. One way to turn this cost center into a profit center is to consider selling advertising space on a portion of your product packaging. It might be a small area initially - just enough for an interested advertising partner to print a logo and website. But if the adgreement is favorable, you might increase the space (or spaces) available for advertisers to utilize.

Selling advertising space on your product packaging is also a great way to commence or enhance a strategic alliance. You can profit immensely by aligning your products with those which complement your product range. An advertising agreement - an adgreement, can be highly beneficial and financially rewarding for both parties. You can sell ad space on your packaging and generate an additional revenue stream and interest in your product and the partner product. Your advertising partner achieves greater brand awareness and interest in their offerings.

If you are interested in starting a new revenue stream, you can add this logo above to your packaging where you will sell advertising space. In addition we can generate a QR code unique to your business and its products which will lead a scanned device to a page on the website showing the ad space you have available for purchase. Get in touch with adgreement and we can get the ball rolling and start promoting your business, its products and services.

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Outdoor Advertising Powering On

Outdoor Advertising / Out Of Home Advertising

Despite the infinite growth of the online world, the internet has not silenced traditional advertising mediums such as billboards, signboards, transit advertising at bus shelters and train stations, bus wraps and taxi advertising. In fact our appetite for more information online has actually exacerbated our desire to shop, bargain hunt, experience travel and the outdoors in ways we did not do before. The internet is actually driving growth in other areas of advertising!

We commute to work, to events, to play sport, to places with friends and family and because we are getting out and about more often and for longer periods, advertisers need to focus their campaigns. The internet has helped us all find businesses, products, services, entertainment, events and each other. This means we know where we are going and have more confidence in what we are doing because online research has helped us make decisions even before we pull our purses or wallets out.

Outdoor advertising, or out of home advertising is playing a bigger and bigger role in assisting us make purchase decisions, as well as engaging target markets and building brand awareness. Billboards, bus wraps, mobile signboards, transit advertising and other forms of advertising are working in tangent with the way we use the internet. If something on the side of a bus or tram or on top of a taxi grabs your attention, you can Google it right then and there on your smart phone or iPad! And smart outdoor advertising campaigns entice us to do exactly that. Because if you can attract attention, captivate an audience, give them a reason to spend time at your website and a sense of urgency to act, chances are they will!

In our increasingly complex and competitive business environment, out of home advertising is making high volume traffic sites quite valuable. If your property straddles a major highway or arterial that has high traffic (especially slow moving traffic in congested CBD areas) and can support a billboard, then you might attract a handy income stream from leasing your property. Digital billboards are increasingly becoming the norm and shopping malls and airports are increasingly taking up the technology.

From the viewpoint of, we see almost every surface imaginable as having some form of value in terms of what it is worth to advertisers. Even people! If you run a shop somewhere in a retail zone, what about the space in your shopfront window? If your business is successful enough, there may be businesses who would be willing to advertise their brand and or products in your window. You might be surprised to know that a local plumber, real estate agent or builder might be happy to pay you a sum to have their sign out front of your property if you live on a busy road servicing local traffic. This is the idea of adgreement in meeting those needs.

Saturday, 30 November 2013

New Apple MacBook Air 13 to replace Apple MacBook

Is the Apple MacBook Air any good?

When I purchased my Apple MacBook Air from A-Z Computer Services in Sale, I did not really ask too many questions about it. The hard drive failed on my trusty MacBook, just 18 months after I had replaced it. That Apple laptop had lasted me over 6 years and put the enjoyment back into computing after enduring years of rubbish from Windows-based junk. So staying with the Apple brand was a given.

The MacBook Air looks fantastic. Outwardly it looks about one-third the thickness of a standard  MacBook and feels like it weighs one-third, too. It looks very simple and elegant, with nothing visually stunning about it. The first thing I noticed when I got it out of the box at home was that the 2 USB ports are now located one on each side of the laptop. This is better than having them next to each other on the same side. This was especially so for me because my USB mobile broadband modem is too wide to permit the other USB port being used at the same time. So now I can at least run the modem and a printer at the same time.

There is still an issue in that the USB port on the left hand side is too close to the recharging outlet, so if you are recharging and have a wide USB mobile broadband modem like me, you will need to plug the modem in on the right hand side port. Frustratingly there is still only two USB ports, but hopefully we will see more and more wireless technology making issues a thing of the past. The other complaint I have is that there is no DVD drive. Yes the MacBook Air is thinner and lighter, making it more portable than its predecessors. But I still like a DVD back-up: now I have nothing to read them at all!!!

The future is seeing more and more of us utilize online backup resources such as Dropbox and iCloud, but it is nice to have something sturdy like a DVD. USB memory sticks are fragile and can break easily. Personally, I think it is a bit too early to do away with the DVD writer yet. But, I have made the jump, so I will have to get used to it! Other gripes: the bluetooth. It still has trouble syncing in with the iPhone. Mine is the iPhone 4S, so while it is not the latest unit, it's not old enough that you would think there'd be issues.

There was also software compatibility issues between the MacBook Air and my mobile broadband modem. This prevented me accessing the internet at all and so I had to take the laptop back to the shop the next day and have them download and install a software patch, plus all my backup files from a DVD I had with me! It's an ongoing issue that when you update hardware, you have to update a lot of software and even some other hardware and or peripherals. It can be a major inconvenience and in my case, days of productivity lost.

But now I am up to date! At least for now. The new MacBook Air 13 is small, light, compact and very fast. It looks the goods and is supposed to have a new and more sturdy hard drive that cannot fail in the same way the old ones did. We will have to wait and see, I guess. In terms of software, I have not noticed anything new or special but I am still getting used to the new mouse pad, which does not have a separate push key. Mine is the standard 128GB unit with 13" screen which cost $1,249 new. The alternative was to buy the highest spec iPad, but I was forewarned that the iPads do not yet have the full functionality of a laptop to replace the MacBook. So for now I am sticking with my roots!

Monday, 25 November 2013

It's Gripe Day.

Time to Exercise My Gripe for the Day.

It is now 5:10pm as I type this blog entry. I have had an 'on-off' day, struggling to get things done in a somewhat haphazard fashion; I did not plan the day too well to begin with. Anyway, working on adgreement and putting some outdoor advertising billboards up went smoothly. Then I went into my social media accounts to promote the listings and let people know about the each billboard.

Knowing that the MySpace and Tumblr social media accounts for adgreement had received less attention, I thought it might be prudent to update them. So I logged into both accounts and tried to upload photos of the out-of-home billboards that I had listed on the website. For the second time now, I really struggled with the new MySpace page layout. To start with I could not find anything! The old layout was simple and easy to use; the new interface is complex and makes you feel like an idiot. The MySpace login lasted a whopping 5 minutes before I gave in and logged out again.

Then I logged into Tumblr, thinking that surely I could have a success here and get it updated. Wrong! All I tried to do is upload 4 or 5 photos of billboards recently uploaded on and yet Tumblr wanted to take an eternity to do so. So I waited. And waited...and waited. Nothing. It was determined to be a pain in the aft and so I threw that in for the day, too. Zero and two on MySpace and Tumblr. Which is probably why I have not updated them for some time! Frustrating, because the user experience should be so much kinder. Especially for doing something as simple and easy as uploading photos.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Newsletter Page on

Advertising Newsletter Published

After a long break from listing advertising space, I have been able to compile a brief newsletter. It's more like using it as an excuse to practice using ACYmailing, which I am still a little bit uncertain of. In any case I was able to get something completed and uploaded onto the adgreement website without a major hitch. The next newsletter will be more comprehensive.

Newsletters about advertising space with

From time to time I am also posting relevant information and useful resources about advertising and ad space on the website. These articles are best located by going into the adgreement sitemap, found at the bottom of each page. Such updates in recent times included some statutory regulations regarding outdoor advertising and billboards in various states of the USA.

Website sitemap for adgreement

Focus for next week: will be contacting potential buyers of ad space to see if any of our current inventory is of interest or whether they require something different. I will be placing emphasis on smaller radio and tv networks as I don't see that larger stations will leap aboard straight away (although that would be nice!). In the meantime, here is the direct link to the newsletter:

Latest Newsletter for November 2013

Banner ads are available at

Advertising news on

Newsletter for coming!

I'm getting it together! It's been a busy week and now I can sit down and compile everything that is newsworthy and put the newsletter together. Things are moving a bit better as 2013 draws to a close and Christmas approaches us. It has been a strenuous year, primarily because the firm developing our website dragged their feet and did not help whatsoever when they were needed most! Oh well, you can't force someone to give you their 100% best service: that has to come from their heart!

The main thing is that adgreement is operational, functioning (to some extent) and we have some customers who have come forward and offered advertising space up for grabs. Right now we have a bundle of billboards for our outdoor advertising section, some mobile advertising trucks in the USA, a handful or commercial radio advertising time slots in Australia and now our first website advertising space.

The hundred dollar question for me right now is how I am going to update ALL the social media accounts?!!! I have dozens of accounts and have only had time to do the most popular social media: Facebook, Twitter and Photobucket have been active. Now I need to find a free facility that can update multiple social media accounts simultaneously. Years ago I had such a facility which I used for my website, but that was sold and the new owners insisted on users paying.

My plan for the next week is to start contacting potential buyers of ad space to match up with our sellers. I have spent a considerable amount of time and effort e-mailing businesses who might offer advertising space. So now it is time to invest some effort into the other side of the buy and sell equation! The point I need to stress is that it is equally important to the success of that buyers of advertising space register and let us (and the advertising world) know what they are looking for.

Anyway, I am psyching myself up to complete this newsletter, so I will post a link when it is ready and uploaded onto the adgreement website.

Monday, 18 November 2013

Billboards, mobile truck ads and Radio Advertising!

New Billboards, some Radio Air Space + Mobile Truck Ads...

It's been a busy few days, uploading new advertising space listings which include billboards in both the USA and New Zealand. We also have timeslot ad space up for grabs on a Sydney radio station popular in the growing western suburbs. And just to top it off there are some mobile advertising trucks available, also in the USA.

For this week I will be focusing on contacting more billboard advertising agencies for listings, as well as radio stations, smaller tv networks and magazine publishers. Adgreement is searching for advertising space far and wide and this means helping promote businesses, organisations and causes in far and distant places around the globe. If you know someone we can help, please contact as we would love to do just that!

In the next week or so I will be trying hard to complete a newsletter, as this has not been done for some time. There is a lot to report and give mention to, as well as finding the time to update social media (which is always a bit of fun). There will be a YouTube video made at some point, but I have not decided the content for this, so it is on the to-do list! The photobucket account has been updated with images of billboards etc and there will be plenty more to come!

If you would like to buy advertising space on both the adgreement website and or the newsletter, please get in touch!

Visit adgreement to buy and sell advertising space worldwide

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

QR Codes

I have been mucking around on Google again and was looking at QR codes; those funny little square bar code-like symbols that are popping up everywhere. You often see them by themselves with no explanation at all as to what they are or represent, as the creator wants you to scan it and visit a website. So finally I generated a QR code for which looks like this...

While I don't think the QR code is ultra-special by itself, it could be useful for advertising clients who advertise on the adgreement website and want their own QR code. So what we can do is offer to generate each advertising client their own unique QR code. They can display the code on their product packaging, website, shopfront, labels, sign space, or vehicles etc which people can then scan into their mobile cellphones and tablets. The QR codes will direct visitors to the advertiser's ads on

Maybe it could be useful after all. But anyway, I think it's a fun concept and a great way to aruse people's curiosity.

Friday, 8 November 2013

Billboard and Transit Advertising

Billboard and Transit Advertising 

Today has been tiring. I have been on Google researching billboard and transit advertising companies in the UK, USA, Ireland and South Africa. The later part of the day was spent e-mailing potential customers and letting them know about Being a new business, this is always challenging. Many potential customers half-expect to be dealing with a multi-national corporation, not a start-up!!!

It is part of a long process to build up awareness and with any luck, get some really good quality customers to work with. At this stage, it does not matter about the size of the client or what country they are located; so long as they have some good quality advertising assets with which to work and there is a potential market for that ad space to be utilized!

Currently I am interstate on assignment and the weather where I am is very warm. I'm tired and it has been a long day talking with people, sending e-mails, responding to inquiries and conducting Skype conversations with potential customers. All good stuff, but I am seriously in need of a nice walk along the beach and maybe a good surfing session!

Interestingly, I happened across some great little companies who handle taxi cab advertising in London and the wider UK. This is a great little niche market and I hope to be able to assist some of these businesses expand their markets and sell lots of advertising space for them! Another advertising asset has also surfaced in London that I had not given thought to: telephone booths/boxes. In many parts of the world they are disappearing due to mobile technology and operating costs. But in the UK they are almost a recognized national icon: you can't get rid of the telephone box!

Next week I will be traveling once again. So I am going to go and have a rest and perhaps go for that walk down the beach!

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Billboard Advertising Regulations in New Orleans USA

Signage regulations - as per City of New Orleans Gov. website

Billboard Permit

Apply online?
A permit is required to erect, construct, post, paint, alter, maintain, or relocate any general advertising sign or billboard in the City of New Orleans. The City’s sign regulations are designed to: protect the public safety – so that signs do not fall down on pedestrians or customers, prevent signs from becoming projectiles in the event of heavy winds or rains, regulate the aesthetics of an area as to the size and number of signs visible at any given time. Depending on the details of your sign(s), you may need multiple permits.
Duration: 20-30 days


  • $60.00 Base Fee 
  • $5 per $1000 of Construction Value 
  • Plan Review Fee - $1 per $1000 of Construction Value 
  • Zoning Review Fee: $125 
  • First Year Operating Fee: $40 
  • For a reinspection following a violation: $100 
  • For a one-year renewable operating permit for general advertising signs:
    • Junior Billboards (up to 100 square feet), $50 per sign face 
    • Large Billboards (over 100 square feet), $100 per sign structure

Required documents/steps

  • Registered Sign Contractor is required in order to obtain sign permits
  • Letter from property owner or lease giving permission for property use for the permit purpose, if applicant is not the owner 
  • Plot plan indicating the location and setbacks of the proposed signage 
  • Two (2) sets of plans stamped by a Louisiana registered architect or civil engineer
  • Sketch of proposed signage clearly indicating the copy and detailing colors and sizes

Issuing agency

Safety and Permits

You may also need

  • Electrical Permit, if applicable
  • Approval by the City Planning Commission/City Council for construction of a general advertising billboard.

User guides

For billboard advertising opportunities, please visit

New Billboard Inventory Loaded!

New Orleans Billboards Available.

We are happy to announce that 20 more billboards that been added to the website. These are located in and around metro New Orleans and are of varying sizes, localities and prices. You can rent or lease billboard advertising space direct through adgreement or let us know what you are looking for and we can find it for you.

Here are some of the billboards available:

New Orleans Billboards

Billboards in New Orleans

Advertising Space in New Orleans

Causeway Boulevard New Orleans Billboard

Orleans Parish Billboards Available

Westbank Highway Billboard

Metro New Orleans Outdoor Advertising

We are looking for more billboards to list, as well as cinema screen advertising and signage space opportunities for eager advertisers requiring the ad space. Please contact adgreement or visit or website.

adgreement - the convenient way to buy and sell advertsing space worldwide

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

New Inspiration Needed

New Inspiration Needed

Today is the first day in quite a while I have posted anything on any of's social media accounts. Frankly, the experience of having to chase the developer to get the website launch was exhausting for me, financially and emotionally. The result is in my opinion poor. We got what looks more like a done-up template with no effort whatsoever on SEO. It's 'so good' that the develop does not even have the website shown on their portfolio page, which I think says something.

Additionally I asked him to promote the on his business social media pages, which he neglected to do. It's simple enough. I offered him a deal for his customers to be able to list ads on the adgreement website. That deal was not put in front of customers. The whole episode just demonstrated a complete lack of interest, integrity and most of all, effort. Hugely disappointing.

So, I am starting from the back of the pack again on this project. Not really knowing where to turn right now, but just knowing for months on end that I have to find a way forward. This will be a tough and long road, especially since I have learned there is no one left you can trust your money to get a good job done. Right now, I'd appreciate just feedback on the website and what people want to see. What can be done to improve the look, feel and operation of the thing and how it can best serve the advertising community.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

The Startup Pitch

Visit the to have a look at new and exciting ventures that are being launched. It's actually very interesting and there's some great ideas being brought to life.

Check us out at:

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Social Bookmarking List

I have an enormous social bookmarking list to work my way through. It is all part and parcel of trying to spread the word about It is going to be a long, tough road to get the message across and bring buyers and sellers of advertising space together! I have updated this list somewhat, although some links may have changed since the last update.

The list contains social media, business submission, user review websites and much more. It's a great way for you to have a look at some of the ways you can get involved and contribute to the internet as well as promote your own business. This list will be included in the adgreement March newsletter as well as our social media accounts.

The newsletter will be coming out soon. Things are slow for March, as I have committed time to e-mail marketing, some HR matters and other basic promotional fun for adgreement. Hopefully some of it will pay off in getting attention! Advertising is a tough gig, but the website is capable of assisting users of all descriptions - particularly if they get involved, provide some feedback and tell us what they want to do.

As soon as the social bookmark list is uploaded, I will post another entry with the URL links.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Not always Smooth Sailing!

Any website launch can present a number of challenges and has certainly has had its fair share. It has been a very long wait to get the website active and we had to keep pushing to get it up and running. Even then, there were problems with the website hosting service, issues with URL forwarding for various country domain names and even basic things like e-mail templates and newsletters. Not much has gone smoothly, to say the least.

Now that the website is functional...touch wood, I feel like I need a holiday. Even a short one. But the fact is there are too many potential advertising customers to contact and try to get some feedback and input about what we have presented to the market. Is it what they need and want? How can we improve it? How can we make it easier and more appealing to use? Is there anything we should add to to enhance the customer experience?

The journey of a thousand miles starts with one small step. And that step starts tomorrow - this Friday, when we start to contact businesses via e-mail to let them know their industry now has a place to turn to for buying and selling advertising space. Anywhere in the world. Adgreement is a newcomer, so working our way forwards in such a chaotic industry will be an exciting challenge!

What we would ask is that you visit the website and take a look. Please complete the feedback form and give us thoughts and input as to what we can do to improve the experience. If there is any service you feel is missing, please make suggestions regardless of how silly they might seem at the time! All input is greatly appreciated.

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Long Day, but Finally Adgreement is Up & Running!

No thanks to Network Solutions, with their disastrously slow servers - is up and live. We are trialling a new hosting service to see how we go for the first few weeks. It's been a long day and it's not over. For some reason, social media accounts are taking a long time to update with the news of the adgreement website launch. A new newsletter will be sent out shortly with updates on progress!


Thursday, 21 February 2013

A bit about

We are drawing closer to going live! It's been a painstaking process and anticipation is that a launch date will be set some time next week. Well, at least that is what I am desperately hoping for. In the meantime, we are still accepting resumes and applications from candidates in New York for advertising sales consultants. So please feel free to apply.

Below is a little snippet taken from the About Us page of the website which gives you a little insight as to what adgreement is about. Keep an eye out on this space and we will let you know what is going on within the next 2-5 days!

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Why Advertising is So Important.

  • In tough times and with increasing competition, savvy business operators know they need to find new and unique ways to 'raise their voice' and get noticed by their target market. As the paradigm for advertising and the global economy generally is evolving, businesses of all size must embrace change. The first step in advertising is to grab attention! There's so much communication thrust into the path of a consumer today that they make split-second decisions as to which message they will select to focus on. Focus on ways to ensure your voice is the loudest!

  • With so much more choice available these days, it is important for business to be maximising advertising dollars – making each dollar stretch further in tough times. Even if you have a wide arsenal of advertising and marketing tools at your disposal, try to work hard on those few that are providing the best Return On Investment. There are many ways to communicate ideas and messages, but ensure you place yourself where your target market are watching/listening/doing!

  • Finding new and innovative ways to reach out to your target market not only keeps you fresh and ahead of the pack, but engages your customers in a fashion that states that you are always interested in their needs and wants. Being creative in advertising is a great incentive to boost employee engagement and satisfaction, too. It gets everyone involved and lets staff take ownership of the process of attracting, building and retaining a solid customer base.

  • Repetitive exposure is great for building brand awareness and so advertising is the perfect opportunity to reinforce images, ideas, messages and thoughts that assist your target market to become loyal customers. Advertising should be as much about making a lasting impact as letting people know about your latest deal or newest product.

  • If you are not telling your target market about new products and services or new promotions, then that's a great way to disengage from them! Nobody knows if you don't tell them, so find the means by which you can communicate most effectively and drive the message home! Many of us bemoan television and 'junk mail,' but where would we be without it? Where would the global economy be without advertising? Subconsciously we all devour the advertised information that is routinely fed to us on a daily basis, decoding it and deciding whether to take action on its message.

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Youtube Video from iPhone

I made a 2 minute video just the other day for using my iPhone and then uploaded it to YouTube. It was after all, too big to send via e-mail. Admittedly it's my first video and I have always been reluctant to make one, as I cannot stand listening to my own voice on videos!!! The clip is a brief run down on the appearance of the adgreement website as development draws closer to launch day.

This is an exciting time, because once launched I can go onto marketing activities and trying to find the right staffing solutions in the USA. This will be a key market and hopefully lead the way in terms of how adgreement can function effectively in overseas markets. No launch date has been set yet, but safe to say the developers are working towards making that a reality.

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Website close to completion. 

That's what I'm told. Two weeks to go. Can't really say much more until it officially launches. There is only a vague outline and I don't even really know what the real thing will look like! After such a prolonged wait, I sincerely hope I am not disappointed. Here's hoping the next two weeks will go quickly, because it seems like an agonizing wait!

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Online Business Directories

It is interesting to look at the myriad of online business directories that are available these days. Some countries and even cities have hundreds of directories attributed to them. There are still many that allow free listings and then offer you package upgrades with better facilities and advanced search functionality.

What is really interesting is that as the competition heats up, online business directories are having to offer their customers more and more features for low-cost advertising deals. Savvy business owners who are looking to drive their advertising spend further want value for money and a wider range of resources available to them to gear ads to their target markets.

Many business directories incorporate basic features such as Google Maps, social media networking, user experience rating systems and URL link for your business website. But increasingly they are also offering visitor/user metrics analysis and building technical guides into their websites to assist businesses as to how to improve their directory advertising. More and more business directories encourage you to sign up or log in using your FaceBook or Twitter account.

In establishing the website for adgreement, we are looking at hundreds of different directories around the globe. It is interesting to note the different user experience each offers, as well aspects such as account or identity verification and anti-spamming methodologies adopted. The primary features we are looking for are the ability to upload a logo and photos, being able to define our business domain name, stating business hours and contact details including address, phone number and e-mail address/es. The use of keywords is also important for SEO and most business directories enable you to type these in manually.

We have found some business directories are quite strict and use IP address analysis to determine whether they will permit you to list or not on their directory. Like, this can be an issue if you are wanting to market your business in a city or cities other than the one you are based in! More on this topic later.

Friday, 4 January 2013

Finally some Peace and Quiet

What a flat-out busy Christmas rush. Family, friends, functions and lots of fantastic food! Now that we're looking to go back to work, we've been able to sit down and start planning for 2013. It's a year of expectation and we have got some great surprises waiting in the wings for our customers. Our developer needs a kick-start and we've got the perfect incentive to get him moving!