Wednesday, 20 November 2013

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After a long break from listing advertising space, I have been able to compile a brief newsletter. It's more like using it as an excuse to practice using ACYmailing, which I am still a little bit uncertain of. In any case I was able to get something completed and uploaded onto the adgreement website without a major hitch. The next newsletter will be more comprehensive.

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From time to time I am also posting relevant information and useful resources about advertising and ad space on the website. These articles are best located by going into the adgreement sitemap, found at the bottom of each page. Such updates in recent times included some statutory regulations regarding outdoor advertising and billboards in various states of the USA.

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Focus for next week: will be contacting potential buyers of ad space to see if any of our current inventory is of interest or whether they require something different. I will be placing emphasis on smaller radio and tv networks as I don't see that larger stations will leap aboard straight away (although that would be nice!). In the meantime, here is the direct link to the newsletter:

Latest Newsletter for November 2013

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