Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Not always Smooth Sailing!

Any website launch can present a number of challenges and has certainly has had its fair share. It has been a very long wait to get the website active and we had to keep pushing to get it up and running. Even then, there were problems with the website hosting service, issues with URL forwarding for various country domain names and even basic things like e-mail templates and newsletters. Not much has gone smoothly, to say the least.

Now that the website is functional...touch wood, I feel like I need a holiday. Even a short one. But the fact is there are too many potential advertising customers to contact and try to get some feedback and input about what we have presented to the market. Is it what they need and want? How can we improve it? How can we make it easier and more appealing to use? Is there anything we should add to to enhance the customer experience?

The journey of a thousand miles starts with one small step. And that step starts tomorrow - this Friday, when we start to contact businesses via e-mail to let them know their industry now has a place to turn to for buying and selling advertising space. Anywhere in the world. Adgreement is a newcomer, so working our way forwards in such a chaotic industry will be an exciting challenge!

What we would ask is that you visit the website and take a look. Please complete the feedback form and give us thoughts and input as to what we can do to improve the experience. If there is any service you feel is missing, please make suggestions regardless of how silly they might seem at the time! All input is greatly appreciated.

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