Monday, 25 November 2013

It's Gripe Day.

Time to Exercise My Gripe for the Day.

It is now 5:10pm as I type this blog entry. I have had an 'on-off' day, struggling to get things done in a somewhat haphazard fashion; I did not plan the day too well to begin with. Anyway, working on adgreement and putting some outdoor advertising billboards up went smoothly. Then I went into my social media accounts to promote the listings and let people know about the each billboard.

Knowing that the MySpace and Tumblr social media accounts for adgreement had received less attention, I thought it might be prudent to update them. So I logged into both accounts and tried to upload photos of the out-of-home billboards that I had listed on the website. For the second time now, I really struggled with the new MySpace page layout. To start with I could not find anything! The old layout was simple and easy to use; the new interface is complex and makes you feel like an idiot. The MySpace login lasted a whopping 5 minutes before I gave in and logged out again.

Then I logged into Tumblr, thinking that surely I could have a success here and get it updated. Wrong! All I tried to do is upload 4 or 5 photos of billboards recently uploaded on and yet Tumblr wanted to take an eternity to do so. So I waited. And waited...and waited. Nothing. It was determined to be a pain in the aft and so I threw that in for the day, too. Zero and two on MySpace and Tumblr. Which is probably why I have not updated them for some time! Frustrating, because the user experience should be so much kinder. Especially for doing something as simple and easy as uploading photos.

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