Wednesday, 20 November 2013

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Newsletter for coming!

I'm getting it together! It's been a busy week and now I can sit down and compile everything that is newsworthy and put the newsletter together. Things are moving a bit better as 2013 draws to a close and Christmas approaches us. It has been a strenuous year, primarily because the firm developing our website dragged their feet and did not help whatsoever when they were needed most! Oh well, you can't force someone to give you their 100% best service: that has to come from their heart!

The main thing is that adgreement is operational, functioning (to some extent) and we have some customers who have come forward and offered advertising space up for grabs. Right now we have a bundle of billboards for our outdoor advertising section, some mobile advertising trucks in the USA, a handful or commercial radio advertising time slots in Australia and now our first website advertising space.

The hundred dollar question for me right now is how I am going to update ALL the social media accounts?!!! I have dozens of accounts and have only had time to do the most popular social media: Facebook, Twitter and Photobucket have been active. Now I need to find a free facility that can update multiple social media accounts simultaneously. Years ago I had such a facility which I used for my website, but that was sold and the new owners insisted on users paying.

My plan for the next week is to start contacting potential buyers of ad space to match up with our sellers. I have spent a considerable amount of time and effort e-mailing businesses who might offer advertising space. So now it is time to invest some effort into the other side of the buy and sell equation! The point I need to stress is that it is equally important to the success of that buyers of advertising space register and let us (and the advertising world) know what they are looking for.

Anyway, I am psyching myself up to complete this newsletter, so I will post a link when it is ready and uploaded onto the adgreement website.

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