Wednesday, 13 November 2013

QR Codes

I have been mucking around on Google again and was looking at QR codes; those funny little square bar code-like symbols that are popping up everywhere. You often see them by themselves with no explanation at all as to what they are or represent, as the creator wants you to scan it and visit a website. So finally I generated a QR code for which looks like this...

While I don't think the QR code is ultra-special by itself, it could be useful for advertising clients who advertise on the adgreement website and want their own QR code. So what we can do is offer to generate each advertising client their own unique QR code. They can display the code on their product packaging, website, shopfront, labels, sign space, or vehicles etc which people can then scan into their mobile cellphones and tablets. The QR codes will direct visitors to the advertiser's ads on

Maybe it could be useful after all. But anyway, I think it's a fun concept and a great way to aruse people's curiosity.

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