Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Buy and Sell Advertising Space on Packaging

Make Money Selling Advertising Space on Your Product Packaging

Packaging is big business and the commercial market for product packaging is growing at an unprecedented rate. The need for greater efficiency, lighter packaging and faster delivery means there is pressure on manufacturers in all industries to smarten the way they deliver their goods to wholesalers and end users alike.

Packaging is a cost center and as such manufacturers are constantly seeking out new methodologies and technologies to improve product delivery, lifespan and user experience whilst at the same time reducing costs per unit. One way to turn this cost center into a profit center is to consider selling advertising space on a portion of your product packaging. It might be a small area initially - just enough for an interested advertising partner to print a logo and website. But if the adgreement is favorable, you might increase the space (or spaces) available for advertisers to utilize.

Selling advertising space on your product packaging is also a great way to commence or enhance a strategic alliance. You can profit immensely by aligning your products with those which complement your product range. An advertising agreement - an adgreement, can be highly beneficial and financially rewarding for both parties. You can sell ad space on your packaging and generate an additional revenue stream and interest in your product and the partner product. Your advertising partner achieves greater brand awareness and interest in their offerings.

If you are interested in starting a new revenue stream, you can add this logo above to your packaging where you will sell advertising space. In addition we can generate a QR code unique to your business and its products which will lead a scanned device to a page on the website showing the ad space you have available for purchase. Get in touch with adgreement and we can get the ball rolling and start promoting your business, its products and services.