Wednesday, 29 May 2013

New Inspiration Needed

New Inspiration Needed

Today is the first day in quite a while I have posted anything on any of's social media accounts. Frankly, the experience of having to chase the developer to get the website launch was exhausting for me, financially and emotionally. The result is in my opinion poor. We got what looks more like a done-up template with no effort whatsoever on SEO. It's 'so good' that the develop does not even have the website shown on their portfolio page, which I think says something.

Additionally I asked him to promote the on his business social media pages, which he neglected to do. It's simple enough. I offered him a deal for his customers to be able to list ads on the adgreement website. That deal was not put in front of customers. The whole episode just demonstrated a complete lack of interest, integrity and most of all, effort. Hugely disappointing.

So, I am starting from the back of the pack again on this project. Not really knowing where to turn right now, but just knowing for months on end that I have to find a way forward. This will be a tough and long road, especially since I have learned there is no one left you can trust your money to get a good job done. Right now, I'd appreciate just feedback on the website and what people want to see. What can be done to improve the look, feel and operation of the thing and how it can best serve the advertising community.

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