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Billboard Advertising Regulations in New Orleans USA

Signage regulations - as per City of New Orleans Gov. website

Billboard Permit

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A permit is required to erect, construct, post, paint, alter, maintain, or relocate any general advertising sign or billboard in the City of New Orleans. The City’s sign regulations are designed to: protect the public safety – so that signs do not fall down on pedestrians or customers, prevent signs from becoming projectiles in the event of heavy winds or rains, regulate the aesthetics of an area as to the size and number of signs visible at any given time. Depending on the details of your sign(s), you may need multiple permits.
Duration: 20-30 days


  • $60.00 Base Fee 
  • $5 per $1000 of Construction Value 
  • Plan Review Fee - $1 per $1000 of Construction Value 
  • Zoning Review Fee: $125 
  • First Year Operating Fee: $40 
  • For a reinspection following a violation: $100 
  • For a one-year renewable operating permit for general advertising signs:
    • Junior Billboards (up to 100 square feet), $50 per sign face 
    • Large Billboards (over 100 square feet), $100 per sign structure

Required documents/steps

  • Registered Sign Contractor is required in order to obtain sign permits
  • Letter from property owner or lease giving permission for property use for the permit purpose, if applicant is not the owner 
  • Plot plan indicating the location and setbacks of the proposed signage 
  • Two (2) sets of plans stamped by a Louisiana registered architect or civil engineer
  • Sketch of proposed signage clearly indicating the copy and detailing colors and sizes

Issuing agency

Safety and Permits

You may also need

  • Electrical Permit, if applicable
  • Approval by the City Planning Commission/City Council for construction of a general advertising billboard.

User guides

For billboard advertising opportunities, please visit www.adgreement.com

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