Friday, 8 November 2013

Billboard and Transit Advertising

Billboard and Transit Advertising 

Today has been tiring. I have been on Google researching billboard and transit advertising companies in the UK, USA, Ireland and South Africa. The later part of the day was spent e-mailing potential customers and letting them know about Being a new business, this is always challenging. Many potential customers half-expect to be dealing with a multi-national corporation, not a start-up!!!

It is part of a long process to build up awareness and with any luck, get some really good quality customers to work with. At this stage, it does not matter about the size of the client or what country they are located; so long as they have some good quality advertising assets with which to work and there is a potential market for that ad space to be utilized!

Currently I am interstate on assignment and the weather where I am is very warm. I'm tired and it has been a long day talking with people, sending e-mails, responding to inquiries and conducting Skype conversations with potential customers. All good stuff, but I am seriously in need of a nice walk along the beach and maybe a good surfing session!

Interestingly, I happened across some great little companies who handle taxi cab advertising in London and the wider UK. This is a great little niche market and I hope to be able to assist some of these businesses expand their markets and sell lots of advertising space for them! Another advertising asset has also surfaced in London that I had not given thought to: telephone booths/boxes. In many parts of the world they are disappearing due to mobile technology and operating costs. But in the UK they are almost a recognized national icon: you can't get rid of the telephone box!

Next week I will be traveling once again. So I am going to go and have a rest and perhaps go for that walk down the beach!

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