Sunday, 27 January 2013

Website close to completion. 

That's what I'm told. Two weeks to go. Can't really say much more until it officially launches. There is only a vague outline and I don't even really know what the real thing will look like! After such a prolonged wait, I sincerely hope I am not disappointed. Here's hoping the next two weeks will go quickly, because it seems like an agonizing wait!

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Online Business Directories

It is interesting to look at the myriad of online business directories that are available these days. Some countries and even cities have hundreds of directories attributed to them. There are still many that allow free listings and then offer you package upgrades with better facilities and advanced search functionality.

What is really interesting is that as the competition heats up, online business directories are having to offer their customers more and more features for low-cost advertising deals. Savvy business owners who are looking to drive their advertising spend further want value for money and a wider range of resources available to them to gear ads to their target markets.

Many business directories incorporate basic features such as Google Maps, social media networking, user experience rating systems and URL link for your business website. But increasingly they are also offering visitor/user metrics analysis and building technical guides into their websites to assist businesses as to how to improve their directory advertising. More and more business directories encourage you to sign up or log in using your FaceBook or Twitter account.

In establishing the website for adgreement, we are looking at hundreds of different directories around the globe. It is interesting to note the different user experience each offers, as well aspects such as account or identity verification and anti-spamming methodologies adopted. The primary features we are looking for are the ability to upload a logo and photos, being able to define our business domain name, stating business hours and contact details including address, phone number and e-mail address/es. The use of keywords is also important for SEO and most business directories enable you to type these in manually.

We have found some business directories are quite strict and use IP address analysis to determine whether they will permit you to list or not on their directory. Like, this can be an issue if you are wanting to market your business in a city or cities other than the one you are based in! More on this topic later.

Friday, 4 January 2013

Finally some Peace and Quiet

What a flat-out busy Christmas rush. Family, friends, functions and lots of fantastic food! Now that we're looking to go back to work, we've been able to sit down and start planning for 2013. It's a year of expectation and we have got some great surprises waiting in the wings for our customers. Our developer needs a kick-start and we've got the perfect incentive to get him moving!