Saturday, 16 February 2013

Why Advertising is So Important.

  • In tough times and with increasing competition, savvy business operators know they need to find new and unique ways to 'raise their voice' and get noticed by their target market. As the paradigm for advertising and the global economy generally is evolving, businesses of all size must embrace change. The first step in advertising is to grab attention! There's so much communication thrust into the path of a consumer today that they make split-second decisions as to which message they will select to focus on. Focus on ways to ensure your voice is the loudest!

  • With so much more choice available these days, it is important for business to be maximising advertising dollars – making each dollar stretch further in tough times. Even if you have a wide arsenal of advertising and marketing tools at your disposal, try to work hard on those few that are providing the best Return On Investment. There are many ways to communicate ideas and messages, but ensure you place yourself where your target market are watching/listening/doing!

  • Finding new and innovative ways to reach out to your target market not only keeps you fresh and ahead of the pack, but engages your customers in a fashion that states that you are always interested in their needs and wants. Being creative in advertising is a great incentive to boost employee engagement and satisfaction, too. It gets everyone involved and lets staff take ownership of the process of attracting, building and retaining a solid customer base.

  • Repetitive exposure is great for building brand awareness and so advertising is the perfect opportunity to reinforce images, ideas, messages and thoughts that assist your target market to become loyal customers. Advertising should be as much about making a lasting impact as letting people know about your latest deal or newest product.

  • If you are not telling your target market about new products and services or new promotions, then that's a great way to disengage from them! Nobody knows if you don't tell them, so find the means by which you can communicate most effectively and drive the message home! Many of us bemoan television and 'junk mail,' but where would we be without it? Where would the global economy be without advertising? Subconsciously we all devour the advertised information that is routinely fed to us on a daily basis, decoding it and deciding whether to take action on its message.

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